Workout plans – the Fit Look top 10 popular free printables

[social_warfare]A printable version of a workout is easier to follow than scrolling through a post on your device while you exercise. All the workout plans on this site have free printable downloads and below is a list of the top 10 most popular. Some of these are focus on improving overall fitness, whereas some focus on one particular aspect such as core or legs.   To get the printables, click on the link in the individual posts, which take you to Dropbox.  Use the button in the top right of the screen to download the printable and save it to your device.  Then you can print it when you are ready.

Workout plans for abs

Mat Pilates 4 exercises

A good mini workout for all the core muscles, based on the Pilates method


Pilates for beginners - how to do a perfect roll upThe original Pilates exercises are too advanced for most exercisers.  There are plenty of Pilates programs around which have alternative, easier exercises.  However, these often don’t bear much resemblance to real Pilates, neither do they provide any path to progress to it.  This plan takes you from beginner to achieving the original Pilates roll up by breaking the exercise down into different skills and learning them individually.


Walking workout plans

Lose weight walking in 6 weeksThe most popular program on this site.  A 6 week progressive program using 3 different speed intervals to improve overall fitness.


Walk planAnother walking program which is along the same lines as the one above, but with a few differences.  It’s a 4 week program with 2 different speed intervals.  Also, with the program above, the intervals are counted in minutes, whereas with this one they’re counted in steps.

Whole body workout plans

Cardio workout circuitA cardio circuit workout with 6 different moves, which work the whole body.


20 minute whole body workout 0601There are 4 different sections in this workout: a warm up, a pulse raiser (mini cardio section), standing leg strengthening and mat work for the core.

Because of their handle, you can swing kettlebells around and pass them from hand to hand much more easily than other types of weight.  As a result, they are good for full body toning routines.  Learn more about the benefits and how to make a start with them.


Workout plans for legs

Thigh exercise challengeA standing workout focusing on the problem areas at the top of the legs.


Wall sit 30 day challengeChallenges are always popular – see here for other Fit Look challenges.  This one works all the leg muscles using the static wall sit exercise.


Butt toning pulse squat challenge The Fit LookPulse squat challenge another challenge, again focusing on the muscles at the top of the leg.  Uses pulse squats, standard squats and slow squats in order to work them in a variety of ways.




This is just a selection of the most popular workout plans on this site, there are plenty more to choose from.  Alternatively, you could sign up for this 8 week walking e-mail course and get a printable schedule mailed to you each week.

Walking for health and fitness

Course description

  • 8 week progressive course
  • Uses walk intervals at 2 speeds
  • Based on 5 walks a week, which are 10-15 minutes in length
  • New schedule e-mailed to you each week, together with general health and fitness tips
  • Choose between counting your walk in steps or timing it in minutes – you will receive schedules for both
  • Links to printable downloads for all schedules

Sign up here


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