Workout challenges – how to improve your fitness every day

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[social_warfare]Finding time and motivation is a big barrier to fitness for many people.  It often seems like results are slow to show, despite the time and effort put in.  This is why workout challenges are a good way to make a start or to boost your fitness program.  A typical fitness challenge is for a set time (usually 30 days) and gets a bit harder every day.

Benefits of workout challenges

  • They are usually a short workout, so finding the time to fit them in is easy.
  • There is often a specific goal to work towards (eg 200 squats) and each day’s progress towards this goal is clear.
  • They can help to establish a regular habit of making time to exercise.
  • Focusing on a particular aspect of fitness makes it easier to see improvement than it is with an all-round workout program.  This increases motivation.
  • Finishing the challenge gives a sense of achievement.
  • Doing a challenge for 30 days and then moving on to something else helps to avoid boredom with exercise.
  • For regular exercisers, doing a workout challenge can give your fitness efforts a boost

Drawbacks of workout challenges

Like most things, workout challenges have their drawbacks as well as their advantages.  Focusing on one particular aspect of fitness can be good for motivation, but has the obvious disadvantage that it is very limited in terms of all-round health and fitness. Another disadvantage is that the workout usually becomes a bit longer each day as the challenge progresses.

So, in summary, workout challenges aren’t the answer to all your fitness needs, but are a good way to make a start or add variety.

Workout challenges for you to try

Wall sit 30 day challengeThe wall sit works all the major leg muscles.  There are 3 variations on the wall sit in this challenge, which starts off with just a basic wall sit of 15 seconds.


30 day hamstring stretch challengeThis challenge is a bit different in that it doesn’t have a specific goal, other than to do 2 hamstring stretches each day.  There are 8 variations of hamstring stretches in this challenge, with a different combination of 2 stretches each day.


30 day challenge for 6 packImprove your 6 pack muscles with this challenge.  It uses the two basic crunch exercises and works up to doing 30 of each on the last day.


Butt toning pulse squat challenge The Fit LookLike the wall sit challenge, this squat challenge includes 3 variations.  It is a 3 week challenge and gets you up to 50 of each type of squat on the last day.


Thigh exercise challengeNo equipment needed for this quick and easy thigh exercises routine and you don’t even need to get down on the floor. All you need is a wall for support

Pilates circle inner thigh challengePilates isn’t just for abs. This challenge uses the Pilates ring to build strength in your inner thighs, as well as working your core and glutes.

30 day standing ab challengeThe 3 exercises in this challenge work the muscles that align the pelvis and pull the abdominal area in flat.  Benefits of doing the challenge are a stronger core, better posture and improved spine flexibility.

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Workout challenges are a good way to make a start or to boost your fitness program.  A typical fitness challenge is for a set time (usually 30 days) and gets a bit harder every day | Collection of fitness challenges, all with free workout printables #fitnesschallenge #fitnesstips #homeworkout


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