Walk planner guide | How to easily map out your perfect route

There are lots of online run and walk planner sites that you can use to plan a walking route. This tutorial is for Mapometer, which allows you to easily plan, save and print routes.

Mapometer online walk planner

Start by going to www.mapometer.com.

Enter the postcode of where you want to start walking.  The postcode I’m using here is the one for Buckingham Palace. Hit “Go” and a map of your area comes up. (Note: if you enter a non-UK location, you might need to zoom in on the map a bit if it doesn’t show at this size.  Apart from this, it works exactly the same.) Now you need to select “Walking” as your activity and choose whether you want to follow roads.

Walk planner 1


Now click on start.  Move your cursor onto the map and it becomes a cross.

Click wherever you want your walk to start, then keep clicking along the route you want to take.  You’ll see the distance travelled updating with each click.

Walk planner 2


This maps out a one-way journey.   If you want to end up back where you started, then you have 2 options:

CLOSE LOOP  will take the shortest route back to where you started:

Walk planner 3


OUT AND BACK retraces your route back to the starting point:

Walk planner 4


The distance counter makes it easy to plan a route that’s the right length, with a bit of trial and error.  It doesn’t matter if it’s not exactly the length shown in the course instructions – remember the lengths are only worked out on average walking speeds anyway.  Once you’ve made a start on the program you’ll know better how your walking speeds compare to average and you can adjust the distances if you want to.

Print and/or save your route

Once you’re happy with your route,  you can choose to save or print it.  If you want to save it, then you need to either create an account with your e-mail address or sign in with Facebook/Google/Twitter.  It’s a good idea to do this, because then you can go back to the walk planner and make changes if you want to.  If you choose not to save, the postcode will be saved with a cookie, but not the route.

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