How to start running – a free beginners fitness program

[social_warfare]If you’ve decided to improve your fitness and want to know how to start running, then sign up for this free course.  Running is a straightforward, natural activity of course, but if you’re starting from scratch there will be lots of questions you need to answer, for example:

  • How often should you run
  • How long should your runs be
  • The best way to progress so that you can run further

How to start running – what’s in the course

How to start running

This is an 8 week walk and run program.  In the first week it’s almost all walking and by the last week you’ll be running 2K.  Each week you’ll get an e-mail with the walk/run schedule for that week, plus other useful information, including:

  • Stretches for the leg muscles
  • Introduction to core training
  • Healthy eating and weight loss tips
  • How to use an exercise diary to help keep you motivated

After you sign up

You’ll get an e-mail asking you for a one-click confirmation your subscription.  Once you’ve clicked on the link and confirmed your subscription, you’ll get your week 1 e-mail. Then you’ll get an e-mail each week until the course ends. After this, you’ll receive updates on posts and product offers from The Fit Look. You’ll only get a notification once a week at the most, but if you don’t want to stay on this list, you can always click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the e-mails.

Sign up here

Once you’ve signed up, look out for the e-mail asking you to confirm your subscription.

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How to start running - a free running for beginners e-mail course. Get to 2K run from complete beginner in 8 weeks. Includes walk/run schedules and general health and fitness tips #runningtips #wellbeing #healthylifestyle