How to lose weight by walking on your lunch break

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Walking is one of the easiest ways to increase activity and improve fitness. It’s a natural activity that we do every day, it doesn’t need any special clothing or equipment and it’s easy to fit around our lives. If you want to lose weight by walking, then you should plan regular walks and try to get in at least a couple of hours a week. Losing weight by exercise alone is difficult, so ideally you should combine walking with improvements to your diet. For some tips on how to get started with improving your diet, see How to start a healthy food plan

What you need for this walking plan.

The idea is that you can just go out and do this on your lunch hour without any special preparation.  However, there are a few things that you need to think about:

  • It’s best to avoid high heels for walking because they put unnatural stresses on the bones of the foot and encourage bad posture.
  • Wearing layers that you can easily take off and carry is a good idea as you can get quite warm walking for 30 minutes.
  • You should take a bottle of water or other suitable drink with you. See How to avoid dehydration when you exercise for more about exercise hydration.
  • You’ll need some sort of step counter.  Apps work well on most smart phones, or any kind of pedometer will be fine.

How far will you walk?

The average step length covers a mile in 2,000 steps. Your steps might be a bit bigger or smaller than average, but you should cover roughly 1.5 miles with your 3,000 steps each day.

Lose weight by walking on your lunch break plan

The plan consists of 4  walks to do on your lunch hour. On Monday you do the whole walk at a normal walking pace. On the other 3 days you do intervals of normal walking speed (level 1) and slightly faster (level 2). Each of the 3 days is a different combination, to keep the program varied and challenging. Wednesday is a rest day.  All the walks are 3000 steps, which should take you about 30 minutes on Mondays (normal walking speed) and a little less on the other days (because you’re doing intervals at a slightly faster speed).

The schedule

The plan is based on 2 different levels of walking speed:

Lose weight by walking effort levels

The plans for each day:

Lose weight by walking Monday schedule
The whole walk is at a normal walking pace.

Lose weight by walking Tuesday schedule
Tuesday’s walk is split into intervals at levels 1 and 2.  1000 steps at normal walking pace, then speed up to level 2 as described above for 1000 steps.  Then it’s back to normal walking pace for the last 1000 steps.

Lose weight by walking - rest day

Lose weight by walking Thursday schedule

Thursdays walk has 5 equal intervals of 600 steps.  After warming up at level 1, you speed up to level 2 for 600 steps. Then you get a recovery period with 600 steps back at level 1, before raising the effort level for another 600 steps.  Finally, back to level 1 to finish.

Lose weight by walking - Friday schedule

Like Thursday’s walk, Friday’s walk has 5 intervals.  The difference is that the first and last intervals are only 300 steps and you do a total of 1600 steps at level 2.  This makes it the most energetic walk of the week, but also means that it should be completed in the shortest time.

So that’s the full plan, you can download printable copies of it here:

Download an A4 PDF of the plan
Download a letter size PDF of the plan

As well as helping you to lose weight, there are lots of other benefits of regular walking – see this post to learn more about how you can expect to benefit from your walking.

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How to lose weight by walking on your lunch hour | walking is a great way to exercise because it's something that we can do without any special equipment or preparation.  To lose weight by walking, you should aim to do at least a couple of hours a week.  Follow this lunch time walking program to get in 2 hours over the course of 4 days. With free workout printable  #walking

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