6 pack strength – a free 30 day fitness challenge

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Improve your 6 pack muscles with this 30 day challenge.  It starts off with just 10 crunches, but by the end of the challenge you’ll be doing 30 crunches and 30 reverse crunches.

6 pack abs challenge summary box

A varied ab training program

This workout is for the top layer of abdominal muscle.  The deeper layers are the ones which pull the abdominal area in flat, so for best results you should combine 6 pack training with exercise for the deeper muscles.  See Core Exercises for Beginners or 10 Minute Pilates for more about this.

30 day challenge for 6 pack

30 day challenge for 6 pack

There are just two exercises used in this workout – the basic ab crunch and the reverse ab crunch. You’ve probably heard of/seen/done these exercises before, but good exercise technique is always important for safety and for best results, so here are the main technique points.  For general exercise safety, please check the guidelines here.

Basic ab crunch

6 pack abs | basic ab crunch

  • Lay on a cushioned surface, knees bent, feet flat on the floor about hip distance apart.
  • Put your hands behind your head to prevent neck strain.  You should just be supporting your head, not pulling on it.  Keep your elbows relaxed out to the side.
  • Tuck your chin in slightly
  • Engage your abdominal muscles and curl your spine smoothly away from the floor.  It shouldn’t be a jerky movement.
  • Stop when your shoulder blades have left the floor and start to reverse the movement.  Again, it should be a smooth, curling movement on the way down

Breathing: breathe out as you come up and in as you come down.

Reverse ab crunch

  • This time, start by extending your legs so that they are vertical
  • Engage your lower abs as you curl your lower spine off the mat.  Again, it should be a smooth curling movement
  • When your lower back has left the floor, start to reverse the movement – curl your spine back down under control

Breathing: breathe out as you lift the hips and in as you lower

Get started on the 6 pack challenge

Once you’ve noted all the technique points above, download the challenge chart, which gives you the reps count for each day:

Download an A4 size PDF of the challenge

Download a letter size PDF of the challenge

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30 day challenge to work the 6 pack muscles. Progress from 10 reps a day to 60 in easy steps. Free downloadable exercise chart included | #absworkout #coreexercises #6packworkout


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