How to start a fitness program – 4 free courses

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If you’ve decided you want to get fit, but don’t know where to start, then try these free e-mail courses.  The first is on planning your fitness, to help you get organised for your fitness program.  Then there are 3 beginner programs to choose from.  Apart from the planning course, which is delivered daily over 5 days, the courses are delivered by weekly e-mail.  This gives you the chance to do the exercises several times during the week, before progressing to the following week’s workout.

Click the links below to take you to the sign up pages for each course.  Once you’ve signed up, you’ll need to confirm your subscription.  After this, you’ll receive the first e-mail.  If you want to sign up for more than one course, that’s fine.  You can use the same e-mail address each time.

Plan your fitness

Plan your fitness Get organised to get fit.  This 5 day course takes you through finding time slots for exercise, choosing the right fitness programs, scheduling and tracking.  Each step comes with free downloadable printables.  Sign up for this course at My Fitness Planner.

Choose a fitness program

How to start running free course

For complete beginners, this course progresses over 8 weeks to a 2k run.  Starting off with mainly walking, the running intervals get longer each week.   You’ll get a new interval schedule each week, plus general wellbeing and fitness tips.  Sign up here.

Core stability trainingThis 4 week core training course adds a few new exercises each week, to build up a full core routine by the end of the course.  Sign up here.

Beginners walkingSimilar to the running program, this is an 8 week interval walking program.  Each week you’ll get a new speed interval schedule, together with general health and fitness info. Sign up here.

For more on how to start a fitness program, see this article which has 10 tips on getting more active and fitting more exercise into your life.

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4 free e-mail courses to help you get started with a fitness program. Fitness planning, walking for health, running for beginners and core training for beginners. With free fitness printables #fitnessprintable #coretraining #running #walking