How to eat for health, weight loss and energy

[social_warfare]When people go on a weight loss diet, they usually follow a plan of restricting calorie intake for a temporary period. This approach is often unsuccessful. Calorie restriction can result in lack of essential nutrients, low energy levels and frustration with the eating plan. It also doesn’t change eating habits, because it’s seen as a temporary behaviour change.  Usually, when it’s over the dieter goes back to her old eating habits. A better way is to eat for health. If you opt for a permanent change to healthier eating, you’ll improve your overall health, have more energy and be a healthy weight.

Why people who eat for health are generally a healthy weight

It’s much harder to become overweight on a healthy diet. One of the main problems with Western diets is that consumption of sugars and white complex carbs is too high. These foods digest very quickly, causing blood sugar highs. The excess sugar often ends up as fat deposits. The rapid drop in blood sugar then causes cravings for more sugar. Cutting sugars down to be in line with healthy guidelines and eating fibre-rich wholegrain rather than white carbs helps to avoid these problems.

Healthy eating guidelines also recommend that all meals should consist of a large proportion of complex carbs and vegetables, with smaller amounts of protein and fat.  The carbs and vegetables provide energy, fibre, vitamins and minerals and fill us up.  While they are essential, protein and fat are not needed in large amounts.  If you eat meals in these proportions, it should be easy to maintain a healthy weight.

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To maintain a healthy weight, you need to have a healthy diet. Calorie restricting weight loss diets are only a temporary fix and don't solve the problem of bad eating habits. Eat for health and weight loss will follow. #healthydiet #weightloss #wellbeing