Beginner workout | all you need to know to get started

[social_warfare]What counts as a beginner workout? A lot of the so-called beginner workouts available online are far from suitable for beginners. If you’re just starting, then you should avoid the following types of activities:

  • High intensity workouts
  • High impact exercises, like running, rope skipping and jacks
  • Exercises which take joints out of their natural alignment or hyperextend them, for example some yoga and Pilates exercises (see this post)
  • Exercises which require a high level of core strength, such as double leg lowers and straight leg curl ups
  • Workouts which need good coordination and control, for example some dance workouts and combat style classes
  • Exercises which require careful attention to technique in order to be safe, such as training with heavy weights
  • Exercises which require a high level of flexibility, like high kicks

Start at the beginning

This isn’t to say you shouldn’t ever do these types of exercise (apart from taking joints out of alignment, which arguably you should never do). The key is to gradually improve stamina, flexibility, strength, control and coordination with suitable programs. In this way, you will improve your level of fitness safely. You will also avoid demotivating yourself by trying to work at an unrealistic pace and level.

Finding a beginner workout on this site

Walking is great as a beginner workout and there are plenty of walking workouts on this site.  You’ll find a round-up of  them all on this page.  Core strength is an important part of any fitness program, because the spine needs support in all movement. There are some beginner core workouts and modified Pilates exercises on the list below that will help you to strengthen up your core. Also on the list are some leg and flexibility workouts that are suitable for beginners, plus a 20 minute whole body routine.

Fit Look workouts for beginners

Walking for fitness
Find a walking workout on this round-up of all The Fit Look walking posts and programs

Stretching to avoid injury

The basics of stretching, with stretches for the main muscle groups

Beginner workout | 30 day hamstring stretch challenge
This is a stretch challenge, to improve flexibility in the often-tight hamstrings. Some of the stretches are more advanced than others, but the challenge is fine for beginners as long as you pay attention to all the guidelines.

Thigh exercise challenge

Work the tops of the legs with this 30 day challenge

Pilates for beginners - how to do a perfect roll up
This posts builds the necessary skills step by step to perform the classic Pilates roll up

Beginner workout | 30 day challenge for 6 pack
An easy to follow 30 day challenge to build strength in the “6-pack” muscles

Beginner guide to kettlebells
If you want to try some strength training, then read this guide to getting started with kettlebells.  Kettlebells are a great piece of equipment for an all-over strength workout.

Core exercises beginners guide
A post which covers the basics of core training, starting with understanding the neutral pelvis position

Beginner workout | Mat Pilates 4 exercises
This mini workout is a mixture of beginners core exercises and modified Pilates

20 minute whole body workout 0601

This one is a good place to start if you want to do a mixture of cardio, legs and core. It’s a 20 minute home workout that gets your heart rate up then does some leg strengthening, before going into mat work for the core.


If you want to understand more about working out safely, then you might also like to read these posts:

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