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It’s hard to define exactly what being fit means, because there are lots of aspects to it.  Fitness includes good health, weight control, stamina, strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and mental well being. Most people who exercise regularly prefer to train one specific aspect of their fitness. Some like to do mainly endurance training (stamina), which is good for heart health.  Resistance training (strength and muscular endurance) is usually the choice for people who want to shape their bodies and build strength. Alternatively, many enjoy the mind-body focus and muscle control in activities like Pilates and yoga.  For others, it’s all about being slim and so they concentrate more on whatever exercise they think will burn the most calories.  While it’s good to be focused and motivated, your fitness program should have some variety and balance.  To help you achieve this, there are 3 main categories of programs on this site:

  • Cardio fitness – walking, running and home cardio circuits
  • Posture and core strength (including Pilates)
  • Thigh and butt strengthening/shaping routines

Fit your workouts around your lifestyle

Forget smart goals just get active | The Fit Look

Unless you enjoy exercise, workouts need to fit easily around your lifestyle. If working out becomes a ritual that you have to make time for, then you’ll get fed up with it very soon.  Even 5 minute exercise sessions make a difference. You should do what you can when you can.  Fitness instructors often tell clients that they need to have very specific, measurable, time-defined goals, but this is too rigid for most people. If you’re training for sport or competition then you do need to work to clearly defined goals.  If you just want to improve your fitness and shape up, then you can take a more flexible approach.  See here for more on this.

Important safety guidelines

Although exercise is good for health, it’s important to do exercise which is safe and appropriate.  The exercises shown on this site should be safe for anyone in good health, as long as the instructions are followed properly.  If you answer “yes” to any of the following questions, then you should consult your GP or other appropriate health professional before exercising:

  • Have you been inactive for several months or more?
  • Are you over 40 and not currently active?
  • Have you had any recent injuries or joint pain?
  • Are you very overweight or underweight?
  • Do you have a medical condition?
  • Are you pregnant or have you recently given birth?



My qualifications are:

Level 2
YMCA/RSA Exercise to Music Instructor
YMCA Gym Instructor

Level 3
Central YMCA Qualification (CYQ) Pilates Matwork Instructor

Level 4
Cert Higher Ed (University of Bedfordshire) in Health, Fitness and Personal Training
Cert Higher Ed (Open University) in Sport and Fitness

(For an explanation of levels on the UK qualifications framework see here.)

FitPro Speciality module
Ante and Post natal program design