5 minute workouts: do anywhere lunges routine

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Lunges workout: target your glutes and quads with this pulse lunges workout routine. Do anywhere mini leg workout. See the post for exercise instructions. #lungesworkout #legworkout #homeworkout

How to get into the correct position

  • Stand with your feet about hip distance apart
  • Make sure you keep your abdominal muscles engaged (see here for more about this), your shoulders relaxed down and your back straight throughout
  • Take one leg out behind you and touch your toes to the floor. Make sure you keep your feet hip width apart.
  • Now bend at both knees, so that you lower your body towards the floor. At the end of the movement, your thighs should be parallel with the floor, your front knee should be bent to 90 degrees and in line with your ankle, your back knee should be just above the floor.
  • Make small pulse movements up and down 1-2 inches from this position.

Before you do this workout, please read these safety guidelines.

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