Enjoy grapefruit benefits with this super healthy smoothie

For most people, grapefruit isn’t a top 5 a day choice, as they are quite sour and acid. But it’s worth making the effort to get some into your diet. There a number of ways that grapefruit benefits health and several studies show that eating grapefruit may even help with weight loss.

How grapefruit benefits health

Grapefruit benefits | grapefruit growing on tree

Like all fruit and vegetables, grapefruit is a good source of various vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibre. It has a high vitamin C content, which means it helps to strengthen the immune system.  Vitamin C also acts as an antioxidant and protects against diseases such as heart disease, stroke and cancer. Pink and red grapefruit contain lycopene, which also protects against tumours. Other grapefruit benefits include increased insulin sensitivity, improved digestive system health and protection against kidney stones.

Grapefruit and weight loss

Although fad diets that claim grapefruit “burns” fat have no scientific basis, several studies show that grapefruit is beneficial for weight loss.  In particular, eating grapefruit before a meal seems to be helpful. Possible explanations are that the water and fibre content in the fruit reduce appetite or that grapefruit increases insulin sensitivity.

A word of warning before you start enjoying grapefruit benefits

Grapefruit increases the effect of some prescription drugs. If you are taking medication, check with your healthcare provider, or see here for more information.

Quick and easy grapefruit smoothie

As mentioned above, grapefruit isn’t everyone’s favourite as it is quite sour and acid. In this smoothie, the mandarin adds sweetness and extra vitamin C. The banana also adds sweetness and helps to balance the acidity. If you still find it a bit sharp, add a little honey.

Grapefruit smoothie serves 1

Half grapefruit
1 large banana
1 mandarin
Honey to taste

Just peel and segment the grapefruit and mandarin, chop the banana, then blend it all together and add honey if required.

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